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  Looking for the inspiration to return to a regular fitness routine?

Physical activity can lengthen your lifespan, improve your quality of life and your mood. It’s great preventative medicine and helps improve the function of all of the necessary systems that run your body. Importantly, exercise helps you to sleep better. And one other thing: it’s fun! And fun activities make us happy don't they? Put the mo back in your mojo!

A strong, healthy body is within reach for anyone.



It's been beautifully designed. Every detail has been comtemplated to make sitting a pleasure. You can customize it to your personal preference with its 19 adjustable components... oh, and you should call it public enemy no.1!

reputable medical professionals are calling the chair or 'sitting' the new health crisis for Canadians. With a looming $30 trillion dollar price tag for health costs in the future, medical professionals are now looking to fitness professionals as allies in this battle.

How many hours do you sit every day? Can you reduce the time you sit or lay? It is important to challenge your cardiovascular system so your body can function properly—especialy for your heart health. Simple things like walking on a consistent basis for a half hour out of your day, can be the start of change for you and your body.

Tell your chair you need to spend more time apart.

Starting September 14
10:00am • 6 sessions

Starting September 17
7:45pm • 6 sessions


Remember spots are not secure until full payment is made. If you are looking for an invigorating cardio workout that leaves your joints pain free this is for you!

Please let us know by Mon, Sept 7
  Morning Rush
Starting September 15
6:30am •  5 sessions


If you want a wake up call in the morning this class is for you! This class involves core training and muscular conditioning in a way that gradually lets the body align, turn on and give you energy for the rest of the day.

Please let us know by Tues, Sept 8
Starting September 10
10:30am •  5 sessions


If interested please let us know in advance. Thank you!

Please let us know by Sat, Sept 5
Starting September 14
6:45pm • 6 sessions


Come on Mondays at 6:45 pm to help you feel strong and alive during your pregnancy. This gentle conditioning class is a great way to work on postural alignment and give you an opportunity to connect with other pregnant mamas.


Please let us know by Mon, Sept 7

Summer Lole is on sale now:

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, come check out the lovely Lole apparel right here in our neighbourhood. No need to run downtown. We even have some great summer items left!

Evening classes officially start Sept 8 (no evening classes Sept 15). Check the schedule for your favourites.

PERSONAL TRAINING CLIENTS please book your sessions in advance as much as you can to avoid disappointment. And a gentle reminder to provide adequate notice of any cancellations in accordance with the policy. :)


We continue to try to optimize the schedule to satisfy you and your need to move. Class times may have shifted slightly so please review the schedule.

Policy Online
Did you know that you have to bake us a quiche if you miss a scheduled session? It’s always a good idea to review the TAB policy every so often.


Volunteers Wanted
On Sept 26 at 11am, we will be part of the Humbercrest Public School 100 year celebration.

We will have a face painting table and are looking for volunteers to either paint faces or to answer questions about TAB!

If you are a mommy with a child at Humbercrest please think about wearing your TABBIE T and joining us at the TAB table. 
Let us know if you can make it.

With the return to routine this fall, we would appreciate if clients could RSVP* to avoid disappointment. This helps to ensure that everyone gets to the class they would like, or whether we have the minimum to run a class. If you must cancel your RSVP, try to do it as soon as possible as wait listers can be informed.

*We’d love to hear from you before 6pm for an evening class or the evening before for a morning class.


Wheat Berry Kale Salad
A recipe chosen by Judith Kaufman

2 Cups wheat berries (soft wheat kernels) cooked in boiling salted water
  Dried cranberries
  Rehydrated sundried tomatoes (optional)
  Cooked corn off the cob (optional)
  Chopped romaine
  Orange or red pepper, diced
  Cucumber, diced
  Kale, chopped and massaged with a bit of lemon juice and olive oil
  Toasted pumpkin seeds
  Chopped cherry tomatoes
  Light feta cheese
  Balsamic and olive oil shaken together
This can be a main course or side. Keeps well for lunches. Can add cooked chick peas, kidney beans or black beans for an extra protein boost.


Sept 1–7
Sept 26 Humbercrest 100th Celebration

Please always remember to check the schedule for cancellations and to check for the different summer hours.

Getting Married?
Looking for an amazing, original first dance as a couple? Something that you may not typically see? Well have we got something for you! Let Rhonda choreograph something memorable for you and your guests.
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