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Yoga, fitness games, trampoline and dance conditioning, all in one super-fun package!

KidTastic classes happen in a non-competitive environment and are designed to promote a lifetime of healthy living, self-esteem and confidence. The young ones who have been a part of our initial workshops have already shown a great deal of participation, interest and excitement!

Each class focuses on balance, flexibility, rhythm, coordination, strength, and relaxation. The purpose is to encourage little bodies to boost their fitness levels, develop important motor skills and foster positive body images. These skills are transferable to any other sport or physical activity.
Did we mention the fun? In all of this, our overall motive is to instill that it’s fun to physically challenge the body! The results are rewarding and will last a lifetime.

Classes are
45mins for 4–6, 7-8yr olds
and 30mins for 3yr olds.

$110 for 9 weeks including HST
($100 for the 30min class).



Rhonda is a certified fitness instructor and has been teaching children of all ages for more than 25 years—many of which she has taught into adulthood.
Top 5 Reasons for Physical Fitness in a Child!

1. Great for the brain! It boosts cognitive development.
2. Reduces chances of childhood obesity and the likelihood of many illnesses including heart disease.
3. Children sleep better! This actually should be reason #1.
4. Builds confidence, self-esteem and social skills.
5. Reduces stress because it’s heaps of fun!