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Happy Spring Tabbies,

With the weather warming so quickly and the winter gear shedding, it’s the time to walk, ride or drive over to TAB! So many new things are blossoming here at TAB this month.

Fri, Mar 30th & Sat, Mar 31st.


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Upcoming Closures
and Allowances

In April and May, classes will be altered to facilitate Rhonda's role as dance adjudicator. Many of you know that Rhonda is not only a fitness instructor and personal trainer, she's also been a dance educator for over 25 years. Please check the schedule before trekking down to TAB.

Personal Training
Book now to claim a spot. One-on-one is the best way to ensure proper technique during your hour session. Custom designed to your needs or take any of our signature classes one-on-one. Some daytime slots available for April and May. ASK FOR DETAILS


Looking for an amazing, original first dance as a couple? Something that you may not typically see? Well have we got something for you! Let Rhonda choreograph something memorable for you and your guests.

Calling All

Feel your best on the big day? Let’s chat about special bride-specific training: abdominal and back strengthening, arm toning, and booty lifting.

TAB Golden.
Coming in May!

Fitness classes designed for mature adults, and anybody who needs a gentler approach. For now, try Body Balance Lite, Ab Rehab, or Pilates.

416 888 8004

TAB (The Art of Balance)
274 Jane Street
Toronto, ON M6S 3Z2

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Daytime classes have arrived!
Ab Rehab, Ballet Barre Bootcamp, Body Ballicious, Body Balance Lite, Pilates, Road Rage Relief and TAB Special make their appearances mornings this month. Afternoon classes soon! Check the schedule for details.

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Ab Attack is being replaced
with Ab Rehab!

The abdominal region is the most challenging hump to get over when you’re retraining the body—especially when you haven’t been using it for sometime, or if you’re post-pregnancy (C-sec. recovery or diastasis recti? don’t worry, there’s hope!) Getting in tune with the abdominal area takes time and patience. This half hour class focuses on all areas of the abdominal area to improve strength, posture and tone.

Rhonda personally understands what a struggle it can be to reclaim that part of the body, post-baby. When you make that connection you’ll instantly feel empowered and strong—postures changes, balance improves and stability through the hips changes as well. Feel taller and stronger!

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Hot Mamas and moms-to-be.
We’re ready for you.

TAB is proud to announce the birth of our pre- and post-natal programming. These are 8-week pre-registered sessions. If you know of anyone who is expecting or just had a lovely little one, encourage them to participate in these classes designed specifically for the pre- or post-natal woman.

Pre-natal programming focuses on postural alignment as well as strengthening and stretching to assist and prepare for labour. Also a great chance to hang out with other mamas...

Mama Tone
This class is designed to help the pre-natal woman strengthen the body and prepare for labour. Keep in mind all of the suggestions from Health Canada, being healthy and strong during the pregnancy is beneficial for both mama and baby. Class is split between a cardio and toning session.
Mama Relax
This class is designed for the pregnant woman to gently stretch and de-stress. The class uses yoga, Pilates, and dance conditioning.

Post-natal programming takes a gradual approach to postural realignment, upper and lower body strengthening and of course reawakening the core. Indoor and outdoor options available.

Sling Fever
Specifically designed for the mommy with babes in carrier. Helping you gently strengthen the body with the assistance of your own baby's weight (Babies must be able to support their heads). This fun full body workout helps tone and strengthen the body, all the while creating a wonderful environment for baby.
TO BRING: Your bundle of joy in a sling.
A fitness class with the stroller, tubing and a great cardio component. Perfect for the new mom wanting to get back into shape and train outdoors with baby. Why not make the nap time walk useful for you too? Babe gets to sleep, and you get an opportunity to burn calories and share stories with other new moms.Carriers/slings are also welcome. 8 week program.
TO BRING: The munchkin in a stroller.

* These classes will sometimes end with informative discussions about pre- and post-natal issues (and an appropriate tea).