TAB - The Art of Balance
TAB - The Art of Balance

March seems to have sprung out of nowhere! And as we prepare for spring cleaning, let's also think of ways to add good energy to our bodies and spring into this year! The body, like our houses, needs attention—with toxins and backed up negative energy waiting to be released.

TAB has the perfect solution. Our signature classes are sure to provide the cardiovascular burn you seek: the muscular conditioning to strengthen, and a host of mind body classes to release what's stressing you.


Hurry! The February Offer for Cards of 5 or 10 ends March 3rd.

Schedule and Class Highlights

This month’s schedule is the same
with these exceptions:
Mondays: Ballet Barre Bootcamp will begin at 6:40pm to better accommodate your schedules. This pushes Body Ballicious to 7:45 and Body Balance to 8:45.

Tuesdays: TABB Special at 7:15 and Ballet at 8:20.
If you have always wanted to try a ballet class or are already familiar with the benefits of dance training, this class is for you. No matter what your level, you can benefit from class with Tanya Berg!

Saturday's Jazzz class welcomes all you dance enthusiasts! Even if you’ve never taken dance, give it a try! It’s a wonderful way to tone and strengthen, and work on flexibility, agility and coordination. The benefits of dance conditioning are endless. Class is 1.5 hours starting at 10:30am.

Remember, personal training is also available at TAB.
Any of the classes we provide on our regular schedule can be
provided on a one-on-one basis. Enquire if interested.


Coming Soon

Looking ahead... Road Rage Release arrives in April with a preview class at the end of March. Take all the pent up stress from the week and kick butt!

Pre & Post Natal fitness classes start in mid April. If you have family, friends or neighbours who’d benefit, tell them about TAB! We invite new moms to bring their little ones. These outdoor daytime classes will provide a great social workout with the stroller.

Older Adult Fitness is important and it’s coming to TAB end of April/early May. These interesting and fun sessions carry on the TAB tradition but will cater to the differing needs of the older adult.


A 'Thank You'

Last, we would like to thank all the TABBIES who participated in our photo shoot! These will make their way on to our site soon. We will be doing more in the future so let us know if you’re interested It’s an exciting time at TAB and as always we thank our clients for their support of the last two months.

We are very grateful and happy to serve your fitness needs. Please continue to let us know how we can serve you best.


Just Breathe,
signature - Rhonda Smid
Daytime classes are coming to TAB so keep checking to see when your favourite classes may appear.