The Art of Balance opened January 1, 2012. We would like to thank you for coming to check us out. And thank you all for deciding to stay! Since then we've gotten some amazing testimonials from people in the neighbourhood as well as some others who travelled
to give us a try! Here's what they have said so far.



Bloor West Resident



Bloor West Resident



Roncesvalles Resident


Rhonda's pre-natal Mama Tone class made me feel strong and healthy throughout my pregnancy. It really helped my endurance in my eighth and nineth month as I continued to work and take care of my toddler. Rhonda took great care in helping me exercise safely and prepare my body for labour. I always left feeling energized and always looked forward to going back.

Christina S.
Bloor West Mom



OK, anyone who lives in Bloor West Village HAS to try The Art Of Balance! These are the most AMAZING classes ever. DO something for yourselves and get strong and have FUN too!

Laura Landauer
Bloor West Mom, Actress & Comediane
(from a Facebook post)


This may come as a shock to some, but we have right here in our own backyard a fitness studio of downtown calibre! Rhonda can customize routines to each individual on-the-fly with impressive results! I highly recommend Rhonda and The Art of Balance.

Josette R. Gauthier
Senior Bank Executive


TAB Fitness is a wonderful addition to the community. I no longer have an excuse for not working out! Classes are convenient and fun (despite the hard work). There isn't one class that I've tried that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed and I always leave TAB feeling better than when I came in.

Mary M.
Bloor West Resident


I have had the unique opportunity to both work with Rhonda and be her friend. I can attest to how fun, patient, creative and enthusiastic Rhonda is. She has the ability to bring lightness and fun into pretty much anything she does! She is immensely capable and her awareness of fitness and health have always been top notch.

Rachel Luttrell
TV Star

Rhonda's personal training program was a tremendous help in getting me back into shape. Having been a dancer, it was easy to fall “out of shape” once I stopped. Rhonda worked with my dance background in mind and she motivated me to be a healthier, stronger woman.

Rennie Wilkinson
Actor / Singer


Bloor West Resident


Mary D.

Bloor West Resident


...everyone commented on how in shape I was and I was quick to say it was all because of a lot of hard work at a great friend's studio...I never could have done it without you!

Karlene Headley-Cooper
Member of the British National Softball Team


You are a dream come true! I was longing for a teacher who would explain not just how to do each movement but also why. Thank you! I am looking forward to your classes.

Bloor West Mom


Classes are current and fun. TAB has raised the bar for fitness in Bloor West Village, and it is second to none!

Heather M.
Bloor West Resident


During my break between chemo and surgery I really wanted to build my strength and [Rhonda] helped me with that. If you live in Toronto’s west end I highly recommend trying out a class at TAB or booking a personal training session with Rhonda. Her classes are fun – so most of the time you don’t feel like you are getting your butt kicked! If we have to exercise for our health we might as well enjoy it! And I must say my muscles are looking mighty fine for a gal who spent the winter in chemotherapy!

Jasmin Fiore
Bloor West Mom, Yoga Teacher,
and Young Breast Cancer Survivor
(quote from thedevalife.com )


Rhonda Roberts-Smid is by far one of the most inspired health and wellness professionals I have ever encountered. Her holistic and balanced approach to conditioning works its way into every aspect of your life leaving you feeling stronger inside and out. Whether you are a first timer or a well seasoned fitness guru, Rhonda will work with you to help you discover the beauty, strength and capabilities you carry within yourself and challenge you to consistently put your best self forward. Not to mention you’ll have a blast all the while in the fun, positive and encouraging spaces she creates with her teaching! If you want to reach and sustain your goals TAB fitness is the place for you!

Jaymie Sampa
Personal Trainer / Lifestyle Coach


Rhonda is great! She makes every class enjoyable. I joined TAB Fitness 3 weeks ago and I'm already seeing results!

Alison D.
Bloor West Resident


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